Sat February 24, 2018

Training Tips

Our training guidelines are here to help you maximize your body's performance, prevent unnecessary injuries, and to increase your motivation. Because Okinawa can be a very challenging running environment, particularly during the humid and rainy seasons, it helps to know before you go.

You can also find other tips on our WOOT BLOG, or should you have any questions related to training guidelines, feel free to join us and write to us at our Facebook Group.

Staying Hydrated

Okinawa’s climate is hot and humid throughout much of the year, so carrying some sort of hydration system is highly recommended. We enjoy using the Amphipod Hydraform Handheld Therma-Lite 20oz. bottle for shorter runs, and for longer runs, there are various miniature-sized camelbaks available.

If you are a member of WOOT, and you order from, you can enter our group code for a 15% discount.

Building Motivation

For those of you who are not self-motivated, or are not familiar with the running terrain or places to run in Okinawa, both WOOT (Women on Okinawa Trails) and WOOP (Women on Okinawa Pavement) are great running groups to join.

Search for these groups on Facebook and request to be added as a member; once you have been added you will be able to see all the running events that are posted each week. You can choose to attend as many or as few as you like.

To Stretch or not to Stretch?

There is a lot of disagreement on this topic. Do you or don't you?  One area that has agreement is dynamic warm-ups. It is a way to activate your muscles without the risk of static stretching. It also leads the body gently from easy running into a hard race or workout.

First, run slowly for 10 minutes. Then STOP! and for 10-20 meters, try the following:

  • REACH for the SKY – Walk and reach up one arm at a time, as high as you can. You should feel it all the way down your side to your hip.
  • SWIM – Walk and swim freestyle. Swim fast enough to feel momentum, and let your hips rotate naturally.
  • HUG those KNEES – Walk and bring your knee up to your chest and give it a hug. Stay upright. Bring your knee to your chest, not your chest to your knee.
  • KICK-OUTS the HAMMIES – Walk and kick out your legs while reaching for your toes with the opposite hand. Bend toward your outstretched leg.

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