Sat February 24, 2018


"Jannine trained me for my first marathon in February 2012; I ran the Okinawa marathon and finished in just over 6 hours. In June 2013 she started training me for the Marine Corps Marathon; I finished in 5:22:25!"


"I recently had the opportunity to have Jannine Myers coach me in the area of sports nutrition through WOOTcoaching. Going into the program I knew a little about how food and exercise worked hand in hand, but Jannine really taught me about selecting a variety of foods and how not to be afraid of fueling my body through food to get maximum results. Jannine also monitored my diet through food & exercise logs and always gave me advice on how to tweak and fix what I was not doing properly; she also reassured me when I was on the right track.

One month into my coaching session with Jannine I ran the 2012 Ayahashi Half marathon (April 1st) and I would have to say that with her nutrition advice and the four weeks prior to the race of cleaning up my diet, that I was able to run my best half marathon time with a sub 2hr race! I had a great run and PR that day and credit the coaching I recieved from Jannine for that. I would certainly recommend WOOTcoaching to women looking to improve in all aspects of running. Thank you so much Jannine!

After a break from running, I resumed coaching services with Jannine in November 2013, and just a few months later I ran my fastest 10k, and won an age group award at the Courtney Tengan 10k on March 16th 2014. Thank you so much Jannine! "


"Anna is a very talented athlete and she has a wealth of knowledge in endurance running but I think what makes her a really unique coach is her incredible ability to make it so accessible to athletes of all levels. Her athletic resume is long but instead of being intimidating she is incredibly motivating.

Anna loves running and she makes it contagious. Whether its her face breaking into a huge smile at the end of a 100K or pacing a running partner in a marathon, she is really in her element and she enjoys seeing other women succeed."


"Hiring Jannine was the best decision I could have made for my running goals. As a former Marine, running was always something I was forced to do. Therefore, I never really enjoyed it. When I started working with Jannine, she gave me the permission I was looking for to stop running for score and start running for the love of it. As coaches go, Jannine is the best! She is patient, understanding, but firm when needed. She knows exactly how to motivate you to push yourself harder and faster than you thought possible.

And, she goes above and beyond. While some coaches are just there during "office hours," Jannine is always available to give an encouraging word, to turn you onto a new product that will enhance your running or just to check in and make sure you're on target. Thanks to Jannine, I can proudly say, I love running!"


"Jannine is an AWESOME running coach. She definitely goes above and beyond to help you with your own goals, whatever they may be. She is a WEALTH of knowledge; I had the best experience having her help me train for my second half marathon. My goal was to run faster and I didn't realize I was doing way too much and not letting my legs rest.

I loved having her help me, she really is there every step of the way. Another thing I loved is that she was there for my nutritional needs and recommended how I should eat before and during my long runs. Her help really is PRICELESS and I will definitely hire her again to help me with my first marathon as well!"


"One of my first 'running' memories of Anna was when we started meeting at 4:30am to start our long runs, for a 100k ultra we were training for. Somewhere along one of those runs I developed a stress fracture and was unable to continue my training. Anna, however continued alone, and logged a lot of miles, hours on her own. There were days that she had to endure 4hour runs, alone. Anna ran that 100k and won!

What I love about Anna and running is that when she signs up for a race, she does not take it lightly, she trains, she logs the miles, even if she has to start her run at 4:30am. I have spent the last two year’s training for and running races with Anna.

I dislike running hills, Anna is just the opposite she loves hills. I can always count on running hills when I run with her. I ran up a very long hill with her recently, that I would of walked if she had not been there pushing me, encouraging me and motivating me to do it. I surprised myself, because I did not think I would make it up without walking, but not Anna, she had no doubt that I would make it up. I can always count on her positive, 'we can take that hill' attitude."


"I am not the typical WOOT client (you will never catch me running in a skirt;) but I have known Anna for a number of years and have always been impressed with her knowledge of running mechanics and incredible endurance and running ability. When she started WOOT Coaching, I thought, even though I am not a woman, who better to help me reach my running goals!

Three months before the Naha Marathon Anna gave me my training plan. I had just retired and moved and my running had decreased to only a couple of times a week and I was not feeling strong. She put together a perfect plan for me. Every week was a challenge. Hills, tempo, speed work, and hills!!! She provided detailed explanations of the more complicated workouts (who knew running could be complicated) and was always there to provide the added motivation. I pushed hard and grew strong, but still had enough time to recover and not break myself prior to the big day.

Anna was able to give me the drive and focus, the challenge, that I needed to make something of the many hours of training I logged over those three months. I felt stronger than I ever have and not only PRed my marathon, but ran 18 minutes faster than I ran Naha last year. Thank You Anna!!!!"