Sat February 24, 2018

Woot Coaching

WOOT Special Programs

Choose a program that's right for you. Programs start November 4th, 2013. Benefits include: improved run time, improved health and fitness, group support, nutritional tips and more. Sign Up Today! Get Fit! with

Personal Programs

  • Personal E-Coaching with Jannine. This is a running plan that is customized specifically to meet your training and race goals, as well as your lifestyle.
  • You will receive weekly run workouts via an online program that allows you to also provide feedback on your runs and measure your progress. Cost for private coaching is $65 a month.

Total Fitness Package
(6 Week Run Camps)

  • Women's 6-week run camp led by Jannine, meeting M/W/F mornings, from 9 am to 10am at Kenney Park on Kadena Airbase. Cost is $270, or also payable in 3 x $90 instalments.
  • Members are also invited to join a private FB group, which will provide additional training tips, motivation, and incentives.

For more information please contact Jannine → Contact Us