Sat February 24, 2018

Program Benefits

Wootcoaching helps you bring structure to your fitness regimen. We'll sit down with you one-on-one to develop a customized program to meet your fitness goals. We utilize a building-block approach to help you reach your goals, slowly but surely. Highlighted below are four key benefits that accompany our program.

There’s no guess-work!

We do everything for you when it comes to the planning - your part is to simply follow the program and let us provide the guidance and instruction. Your training plan will be designed with a logical start-to-end sequence, that has you gradually increasing your mileage and intensity at a rate that minimizes any chances of injury. The number of weeks included in a typical training program will depend upon each client’s goal and/or the race distance they wish to train for.


Because you will be responsible for reporting back to us with a weekly log of your completed training miles, you will more likely feel obligated to follow through with your training goals. Having someone hold you accountable makes it easier to stick to a training plan.

Greater Level of Motivation

Our job as coaches is to provide regular feedback which aims to motivate and keep our clients focused on achieving their goals. As you continue to reach new running milestones at the end of each week, or at the end of each month, you'll also reach greater levels of confidence and motivation.

Incentives for Completing Our Program

We will provide some type of reward or incentive to clients who a) complete the full training program, and b) show some measure of improvement over the full training period in terms of either running performance or weight loss.

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