Sat February 24, 2018

About Us

Hello! And thank you for stopping by at Here we desire to share our love for running, by helping women to commit to a training program which will ultimately result in a greater level of health and fitness, while also providing a great deal of enjoyment in the process. We want you to work hard to achieve your goals, but we also want you to have fun along the way. We continue to make running such an integral part of our lives because it produces rewarding and enjoyable outcomes. We want you to experience these positive aspects of running too, and if you have more serious goals in mind, we’re here to help you achieve those too!

For further information about our coaching program, please fill out the contact form and one of us will be glad to answer any questions for you.

– Jannine Myers & Anna Tienter, Founders of i♥WOOT & WOOT Coaching™

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Meet Jannine & Anna

Both Jannine and Anna have been athletic most of their lives, having played various sports throughout their school and college years and never straying too far from adhering to a regular fitness routine. Their passion for running is something that became more apparent to them in their adult years, and it’s a sport that they continue to pursue as they get older, not just because of its obvious health and fitness benefits, but because it is also a sport that has no boundaries in terms of age, or level of fitness and skill. Anyone can run! Give running a go, you’ll be pleased you did!


WOOT Coaching Mission:

Our mission is to help you...

  • Maximize your fitness level
  • Reach your weight level for optimal fitness
  • Develop a running regimen to meet your goals
  • Push yourself through One-on-One Coaching
  • Push each other with peer motivation
  • Instill Fitness Discipline
  • Develop Emotional Wellness
  • and most importantly...Have Fun!